Travelling to Visit Family


Travel can be for all sorts of reasons – fun, work, conference, group/club adventure, sporting event, and to visit family…

I tend to find the latter can be the most difficult, and definitely depends on the relationship you have with the family member. I recently flew to Adelaide to visit my cousin and her family. She has three gorgeous children and I love being around them. She also opens her home, which makes me want to help out as much as I can, as I realise what an intrusion it can be having visitors staying at your house.


I have visited Adelaide many times over the years, and have tried to get out and see some of the sights, so now I don’t tend to get out much – I spend most of my time with my cousin at her house. One of the things I absolutely MUST do each time though, is stock up on one chocolate from one of my favourite chocolatiers – Haigh’s. They were founded in Adelaide in 1915, and they don’t have a store in my home city of Brisbane.

They also have a factory near the centre of Adelaide and you can do a tour (which is free, but you have to book –, then shop to your heart’s content in their factory shop, which also has cheaper stock that isn’t absolutely perfect (though I’ve never been able to see why not).

While visiting family is fun, it’s still possible to get out and do something as well!

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