Top 7 Best Gaming Laptops

Are you fantasized to play more games, and are looking for best laptop that could satisfy your needs? Then, you have ended up at the right place, where we have presented a list of top 7 best gaming laptops that are available in the present market.

Seven Formidable Gaming Machines

Most of the best gaming laptops, which are available, are bit costly, and you might have ended up in a dilemma to choose the best machine at a reasonable price. So, with a lot of thorough process, we have presented a list of 7-top gaming laptops, which would excite you with an ultimate gaming experience. If you want to buy laptops that enables us to enjoy extreme gaming, then this list will definitely helps you.

Here are the details of the top-7 best gaming machines; take a look, and select the one, which suits your requirements the most.

#1. Alienware M11x: Alienware was first introduced from the house of Dell in 2006, which has completely revamped its laptop range since then. The new M11x has been considered as the world’s tiniest gaming laptop that offers an excellent combination of portability, and graphical power. It is equipped with dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 335-M graphics card that features 1,024 MB of video memory. It is available at a very reasonable price of just £599, and it is really worth the money that you spend with its top-class everyday portability, and usability.

#2. MSI GX740: This is another exciting gaming option available in the current market. It is one of the best looking, best-priced gaming machines, which offer plenty of power for the passionate gamer. It is featured with Intel Core i% processor that provides acceptable performance and can impress most of the gamers. It can be obtained with a starting price of £899.

#3. HP Pavilion DV8-1250EA: It is yet another high-end gaming notebook, which can offer amazing performance with its Nvidia GeForce GT 230M GPU system. This proves to be an exotic option with its excellent usability, repeated video, photo editing, and surprisingly it can even support the high-definition (HD) video. It is bit costlier when compared to previous models, and its base price is £1,092.

#4. Alienware M15X: The new Alienware M15X is another exciting gaming option, which is really sharp, and has the capability of providing many vivid colors that make games to appear bright and crisp. It can be obtained at a base price of £999.

#5. Asus G51Jx: The new Asus G51Jx is one of the top-notch gaming options, which supports not only many latest games, but also has the potential to support 3D gaming as well. The starting price of this exciting gaming laptop is £1,699.

#6. Sony VAIO VPC F12M0E/B: This is a new stunning big-screen gaming machine, which provides overwhelming quad-core performance. It is powered by a standard Intel Core i7-740-M processor. For the level of standard amenities that it offers, the pricing of this new machine seems to be really affordable and it has been fixed at £1,499.

#7. MSI GX660R: When it comes to performance, the new MSI GX660R is treated to be a monster. It has been proved to be one of the best gaming laptops 2011 for the money that you spend, and it is released with a starting price of £1699.

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