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At the recent Brisbane Travel Show I was on a mission – to gather brochures on airline routes to Africa, collect brochures on Thailand, India Africa and France, to find out more about driving and rail travel in Europe, and to see what airfares were to France.

I arrived 30 minutes before the show started, which turned out to be a good thing – it gave me an opportunity to look over the floor plan and to see exactly where I wanted to go. Plus, it meant I could be closer to the front of the line to get in. Yes – there was a LONG line. I was actually very surprised at how many people that were there!


It was a wide demographic who were there as well – the ‘grey nomads’, families, and young couples. It’s great to see so many people interested in seeing the world!

Doing a bit of “recon” paid off. I got all the brochures I was after and managed to find a table to sit down at and take a look at what I’d missed, and to also catch up with a friend and fellow travel nut.

There were some great deals around, especially if you knew what you wanted. I have to admit to being a bit of a control freak when it comes to travel, and I prefer to be in charge of my travel arrangements. This show had specials, so long as you bought their pre-packaged deals, which I find rarely meet my specific needs.

But, if you’re after a good package, then go to a travel show and find out what the discounts are!

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