How to Lock/Unlock OSD on AOC Monitor

Do you want to enable or disable On-screen Display? This article helps you in doing this. I’ve faced the same issue the other day, as I’m not able to turn-off my PC’s Monitor. Then, I’ve started searching for solution and I can’t leave my monitor turning-on all the time. Initially, I thought it was the problem of the power switch, then I came to know that there are couple of options for OSD on AOC Monitors. I’ve started Googling for solution and finally I found it and now I’m able to switch-on or switch-off my monitor. So, if are facing this same issue, then I believe this article will definitely help you.

What is an OSD?

An OSD  is abbreviated as on-screen display which is an image superimposed on a screen, which is used in many latest devices like Televisions, DVD Players, Monitors, etc.

How to Lock/Unlock OSD on AOC Monitor?
#1. First turn off your Monitor.
#2. Hold Menu button and Now press on Power Button of the Monitor.
#3. If your Monitor’s OSD is enabled previously then it will be disabled now and vice-versa.
#4. That’s it!

Thus, in this way you can Lock/Unlock OSD on your AOC Monitor and get back everything under your control.

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