How to Disable Laptop Touchpad

If you want to know How to Disable Laptop Touchpad, we’ll help out with this tutorial. For people who got used to use a desktop, don’t feel comfortable with the laptop’s touchpad for cursor movements and want to disable laptop touchpad and want to access the cursor with the traditional mouse, then this tutorial will help you. Personally, I don’t feel that comfortable with my touchpad, so I always use my traditional mouse for more productivity. After connecting our mouse, there isn’t any need for us with this touchpad.

Considering an example, if you are playing game then normal mouse feels really great ahead of our Laptop’s touchpad and also if you are scrolling down the documents and other things will definitely annoy us if we are using touchpad. So, in order to solve that issue, here are the few ways that helps you to know how to disable laptop touchpad.

There are various ways of disabling your Laptop’d touchpad, let us check them out.

How to Disable Laptop Touchpad

#1.Method – 1

  • Most of the Laptop manufacturer provides a dedicated Key on the keyboard to disable Touchpad.
  • Just Press that key and your Laptop’s touchpad will be disabled. It is the easiest way that helps us to disable the touchpad of your Laptop.

#2. Method – 2

  • You’ll find the touchpad icon in the notification area of your Laptop, and all you have to do is, to just double click that icon or to right click it to switch into the touchpad option and now you just have to disable the touchpad from here as: Mouse Properties Tab -> Device Settings -> Disable. This is one of the easiest way possible.
  •  But sometimes you might not find that touchpad icon in your notifications area, then you just have to follow this process : Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Click on Mouse -> Mouse properties tab -> Disable.

#3. Method – 3

  • This is yet another way to disable laptop touchpad. Initially click on the Start Menu.
  • Type “Device Manager” in the search box. Click on the “device manager result” option and a Device Manager window will be poped.
  • Now you have to expand “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  • Now, you have to right-click on the touchpad’s entry and click on the disable option. Thus, in this way you can also disable the touchpad of your laptop.

I suggest you to try out every method shown above, but sometimes for few Laptop brands these things might not work and for those people who wanted to know How to Disable Laptop Touchpad, try out TouchPad Pal software. Hope you’ve enjoyed our article on How to Disable Laptop TouchPad.

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