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It is currently planning your first trip to Bali? You are now back and can not get enough of Bali? You want to quickly return to the island?

Then you are right!

This blog is primarily want to Individuals, but also dedicated package tourists who want to enjoy their Bali vacation not only dull the hotel pool, but rather the beauty of the island of Bali experience outside the tourist centers.


The travel tips on this blog are based on my experiences and experiences that I could make over the past ten years with my Bali trip.

You will in this blog are all sorts of useful travel tips that are planned your vacation a dream vacation can be!

Bali is not just Kuta or Sanur. The “real” Bali can be found in the hinterland. At least for the moment.
In my trip reports, which are a summary of my last ten years, Bali travel, I will show you a lot of changes that are both scenic and cultural factors. Tourism promotes the foreign exchange glut of quality of life for large segments of the population although it appears that he calls but also a heavy toll.

At least in Kuta and the surrounding area, the original Balinese culture is strongly suppressed. The reason is that older people are less and the younger ones grow up with the cultural values and stencil the wealthy West and lose touch with their religion and culture. This course is almost tragic – you know – unfortunately not rare, but everywhere apparent, where developing countries depend more or less entirely on tourism and have become dependent.

I’ll give you some suggestions for tours, which have already been proven several times as a dream, and information about each worthwhile accommodations and hotels in Bali.

First I’ll tell you about my first trip to Bali, so the journey that has so much inside me, …

Apart from a small Dictionary, which you introduced to the most important and most basic concepts and numbers of “Bahasa Indonesia”, your other items, short comments and find links to Bali-related topics.

There are also raised serious issues: I was in the terrible terrorist attacks in Bali in 2002 and 2005. Here you can find, as I have experienced these events.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me by mail or by an electric sign my guest book, and I will immediately try to help.

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