High Class Cervices from El Cid Vacation Club


With more than 7000 cruise destinations and lots of interesting holiday packages; El Cid Vacation Club has become one of the biggest vacation clubs in United States. They offer perfect getaway for anyone who want to enjoy their long holiday time in exotic places. Working people has busy schedule, holiday is luxurious stuff for them, and when you finally get your opportunity to break away from your job, you have to choose El Cid Vacation Club.


The holiday packages of El Cid vacation Club are available both for member and non-member, but those who already have membership will get the best offering packages with lower prices. Each time to take the holiday packages from El Cid Vacation Club; you will get a reward or points When your points are enough, you can use those reward for another holiday packages, for free.

Easy booking, access to beautiful and expensive resort and discounts are just three for lots of advantages that you will get for becoming the El Cid Vacation Club member. When you arrive at the airport of your holiday destination, you will get free airport services, and the El Cid Vacation club staffs will always give the best services like high-class services.

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