7 Best Windows Alternative Operating systems

Some of the best Windows Alternative OS which are generally under-rated or over-rated. With windows 8 to roll-out in few weeks, you  must feel that I’m crazy to write about Windows Alternative OS, at this instinct. Windows is one of the well known operating system from the house of Microsoft that has been dominating the operating system market for a while now, as this operating system has features that many competing operating systems lack but still few people around the world criticize it for few aspects like security, malware attacks, and few more.

The operating system was launched way back in 1985 and it has tasted success ever since with Windows 95 and after every new edition that are launched at regular intervals like Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, excluding few other failures like Windows Me, Windows Vista. Currently Microsoft has launched operating systems for SmartPhones and getting ready to occupy the Mobile Market as well. In this post, we are going to check out 7 best Windows Alternative OS that can satisfy your requirements to a certain extent.

The current market share of Windows OS is expected to be holding around 86%, followed by Mac OS which holds over 7.5% market share and balance is shared between Linux, Blackberry and other Operating Systems. So, in this post we are going to focus on few of the best Operating Systems that holds the balance 14% share in the market.

7 Best Windows Alternative Operating Systems

#1. Ubuntu operating system

The Ubuntu operating system is a simple, snazzy and easy to use operating system which is considered as one of the best Windows Alternative OS. It is preferred by many across the globe including businessmen and students. This software is preferred for personal computers but there is a server version that also exists. The software is available for download, free of cost. The software is similar to the UNIX and it is one of the best Linux Operating System that is based on Debian Linux Distribution and this software can be freely distributed and personalize the software for your benefit.

#2. Mac OS

This is one of the best operating systems that can replace the Windows OS and it is known to be one of the most advanced operating systems that are presently available. It is a graphical user interface based operating software that is known to be so slick and smooth that the operating system can be easily mastered. It is estimated that, soon the ratio between Windows and Mac OS might be leading to tough competition. Compiled with the Apple hardware components the Mac OS will provide you with the best operating system experience which makes it one of the best Windows Alternative Operating System in the market. It is a proprietary based Operating System like Windows, and it is mostly compatible with Apple’s devices only, of course there are few techniques that allows us to get Mac OS onto our normal PC.

#3. JNode

This operating system is a great freeware Windows Alternative operating systems that are available currently. This operating system code has been written in Java and the operating system is in its virgin stage as it is in the 0.2.8 version. The operating system has a simple and easy to use interface. With the time to come there will be other features that will be added in the form of video customization, lower memory consumption etc. <Try JNode>

#4. AROS

The AROS closely resembles Amiga, just that it has many more features and it does not have the memory problem that Amiga was infested with. AROS, which is the abbreviated form of the Amiga Research Operating System is extremely fast and the memory protection issues has also been resolved. It is one of the oldest OS existing since 1997 and it is slightly capable OS to be considered as best Windows Alternative OS. The user interface of the AROS is the same as Amiga and it is a great operating system for laptops and desktops. <Try AROS>

#5. KolibriOS

This operating system is known to be the fastest graphic user interface that is presently available. This user interface of the operating system is smooth and fast and you will be able to enjoy different games and other utilities with the help of this operating system. The USP of this operating system is that it is extremely compact and the entire operating system just takes 4.9 MB of the memory. <Try KolibriOS>

#6. DexOS

In case you are fed up with the way the Windows operating system looks then you need to use the DexOS. The operating system has a user interface that is closer to that of a console’s operating system. The operating system basically has two aspects, that is, one aspects is really swank and resembles the launcher of a video game and the other is the normal operating system that can be used for daily purposes. <Try DexOS>

#7. Open BSD

This operating system focuses more on the security of the system than its appearance and this is a good thing as the software cannot be easily cracked by hackers as it does not run the programs in case it detects any loopholes in them. The OpenBSD has its main feature as the space layout randomization. It is considered as underdog, but still it manages to be one of the best Windows Alternative OS. <Try OpenBSD>

These are the 5 best Windows alternative operating systems that are available in the market. The operating systems are very different from each other and even though they are relatively new, these operating systems have already created a name for themselves and they are loaded with features and they have been giving stringent competition to the Windows operating system ever since they have been launched. Hope, you’ve enjoyed our article on 7 Best Windows Alternative Operating Systems, do let us know about your favorite OS, if you think we missed it in our list.

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